Charles-Henry Bertrand Van Ouytsel

Charles-Henry Bertrand Van Ouytsel received his master’s degree in civil electrical engineering in 2019 at UCLouvain. He is an FNRS FRIA fellow and is currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Axel Legay at UCLouvain. His research areas are malware analysis and detection, symbolic execution and machine learning. He is particularly interested in the uses of machine learning for cybersecurity but also in the limitations and security issues concerning artificial intelligence in this context.

WP1 – Rendre les systèmes résilients aux cyberattaques: phase de conception

GD06 – Analyse de malware

CyberExcellence funding

Bertrand Van Ouytsel, Charles-Henry ; Legay, Axel. Malware Analysis with Symbolic Execution and Graph Kernel. NordSec’22: The 27th Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems (Reykjavik). In: NordSec’22: Proceedings of the 27th Nordic conference on Secure IT Systems, 2022. 978-3-642-34209-7.

D’Hondt, Alexandre ; Bertrand Van Ouytsel, Charles-Henry ; Legay, Axel. Packing-Box: Playing with Executable Packing. BlackHat Europe 2022 (London, du 07/12/2022 au 08/12/2022).