Mémoires & TFE

Florian Dekinder
Deep Performance Analysis of Dual Stack Web Servers (2023-2024)
Ilias Sebati
Observability and Visibility in Cloud Platforms (2022-2023)
Elric Thielens
LISP and Privacy (2022-2023)
Manon Lambotte
FoodChain Security (2022-2023)
Tom Piron
Implementation and Evaluation of LISP Publish/Subscribe Functionality in NS3 (2021-2022)
Guilian Deflandre
Create a Honeypot Based Solution Using Non-Traditional Honeypot Technologies and Monitor its Behaviour in Production Using Cisco AMP for Endpoint (2021-2022)
Raphaël Léas
Analysis of IPv6 Extension Header Processing/Transmission over the Wide Internet (2021-2022)
Maxence Calixte
Digitizing the Food Chain Traceability (2021-2022)
Anne Bertin
Intelligent Load Balancing with IOAM and SRv (2021-2022)