Daniela Magalhaes Azevedo

Daniela and her team want to generate the most realistic and appropriate cyber range training scenarios possible. To this end, they integrate user experience (UX) into the development of cyber ranges scenarios at all levels: from back-end to front-end, from design to evaluation. They personalize the scenarios, among other things, by adjusting the training elements to the real needs of the trainees. They also use the European Cybersecurity Competency Framework (ECSF), developed by the European Union’s cybersecurity agency, to determine the trainees’ profile, the required skills and the level to be reached. The idea is to develop an assessment tool to determine the level of competence of trainees and thus target the elements to be trained during cyber ranges.

WP5 – Laboratoires d’expérimentation, de validation, et d’entraînement

GD02 – Gestion des risques pour tests de pénétration

CyberExcellence funding