Gilchrist Valerie

Valerie is a PhD student working with Christophe Petit at ULB, supported by a FRIA grant. In particular, her research is in the field of isogeny-based cryptography, a type of post-quantum cryptography. She is interested in assessing the security of cryptosystems, looking for vulnerabilities, but also in making algorithmic improvements to achieve faster runtimes. She did a master’s on the same topic, but her background is in pure mathematics.

WP1 – Rendre les systèmes résilients aux cyberattaques: phase de conception 

WP4 – La protection et le partage des données au cœur des préoccupations

GD01 – Automatisation de la vérification cybersécurité de systèmes cyber physique

GD03 –  Cyber-sécurisation « by design » de systèmes cyber-physiques

Cyberexcellence funding

Gustavo Banegas, Valerie Gilchrist, Benjamin Smith. Efficient supersingularity testing over F_p and CSIDH key validation. Mathematical Cryptology, 2022, 2 (1), pp.21-35. ⟨ ⟩

Her current work can be found here :