Guillaume Nguyen

Guillaume Nguyen is a PhD student at the University of Namur. He already has had 4 years of working experience in Cyber-Security. Two years in consulting for an international company and two years as a Cyber-Security governance expert for a non profit organization. His two first master degrees are in business engineering and he obtained a third one in computer science just before starting his PhD. This PhD aims at testing Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The chosen test technique is called “Fuzzing”. CPS are omnipresent in today’s world. To cite a few examples we have: assistant driving systems, smart factories, autopilots in planes, smart operating rooms, etc.

WP6 – Automatization of the generation of tests for CPS

01 – Automatisation de la vérification cybersécurité de systèmes cyber physique

CyberExcellence funding

Guillaume’s PhD’s theme fits perfectly in the first challenge of the WP6 of the Cyber Excellence project aiming at automatizing the generation of tests for CPS.