Hosam Elkoulak

The TCPLS protocol combines TCP and TLS 1.3, allowing for a range of transport services such as stream multiplexing, connection migration, and bandwidth aggregation. The goal of Hosam’s thesis is to enhance the privacy preserving capabilities of TCPLS by adding privacy primitives, such as Onion Routing. This would benefit HTTPS endpoints using TCPLS by providing an additional layer of privacy and security. Encapsulating network services like HTTPS using TCPLS increases collateral damage when censoring the network, as it means censoring those services that TCPLS serves.

WP4 – La protection et le partage des données au cœur des préoccupations

GD06 – Analyse de malware

GD07 – Aspects légaux et Normes en cybersécurité

CyberExcellence funding