Justine Ramelot

Justine has been a research assistant in UX (User eXperience) at UCLouvain since August 2022. She holds a Master 120 in communication with a specialization in organizational communication management and public relations. She is working on the CRS2 project (Cyber Range Scenarios) which aims at developing the most realistic and adequate training scenarios for the cyber training centers called « Cyber Ranges ». Justine is in charge of the UX axis of the project and her mission is to take into account the user needs for an impactful applied research and more specifically, to conduct studies with the users of the current system in order to identify their training and education needs.

WP5 – Laboratoires d’expérimentation, de validation, et d’entraînement

GD02 – Gestion des risques pour tests de pénétration

CyberExcellence funding

Analyse des web-apps du Cyber Range selon le livre de Leavitt & Shneiderman (2006).

Spécification du profil des apprenants (« trainees ») du Cyber Range à l’aide d’un questionnaire créé par des experts en cybersécurité.