Loïc Champagne

Loic’s research as a Ph.D. student in Cyber Security and Networking focuses on developing a dynamic path load balancing solution to enhance the availability and service assurance of data center networks. This solution aims to reduce flow completion time, correct for network asymmetries and failures by distributing traffic among available paths, and providing network visibility for increased observability. Loic has diverse experience in academia and industry, including machine learning, distributed systems, and software engineering, and have developed a decentralized public key infrastructure using blockchain technology in partnership with Cisco during my Master’s thesis. Additionally, he worked as a SOC Analyst at Excellium Services, where he monitored security perimeters and detected potential breaches for major players in the banking industry.

WP1 – Rendre les systèmes résilients aux cyberattaques: phase de conception

WP2 – Détection, Réponse, Réaction: Phase Dynamique

WP4 – La protection et le partage des données au cœur des préoccupations

GD04 – Sécurisation de la Digitalisation des Réseaux Énergétiques

ULIege funding

Smoothie, as a solution to efficiently reroute trafic in case of attack