Manel Barkallah

Manel Barkallah is a teaching and research assistant at the Faculty
of Computer Science at the University of Namur. During her master’s
thesis in 2018, she proposed an algorithm to optimize application
partitioning in hybrid cloud environments, aiming to reduce communication
and hosting costs in the public cloud (in terms of cost and response time),
evaluated using IBM’s Cplex simulator. Since 2019, she has been pursuing
her doctoral research, focusing on the areas of distributed systems and
concurrent programming. She has also developed a coordination language
based on the study of process algebras, applied to sociotechnical systems,
including domains such as security, IoT, and smart cities.

WP1 – « rendre les systèmes résilients aux cyberattaques: phase de conception »

GD4 – « Cyber-sécurisation by design de systèmes cyber-physiques »

External funding

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  • Jean-Marie Jacquet, Manel Barkallah. Anemone: A Workbench for the Multi-Bach Coordination Language, Science of Computer Programming, vol. 202, 2021
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