Manon Knockaert

Manon Knockaert is a senior researcher at CRIDS-NaDI of the University of Namur. She is also director of the Privacy & Data Protection research unit.

She holds a Master’s degree in Law from the Catholic University of Louvain and a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Technology Law from the University of Namur. Her research focuses on intellectual property in the information society, personal data protection and open data at both the Belgian and European levels. Manon Knockaert was also in charge of the legal aspects of security and personal data protection in the framework of the European project SPARTA.

WP3 – RGPD et Open data: sécurité à la conception

GD7 – Legal aspects and cybersecurity standards

CyberExcellence funding

In the framework of CyberExcellence, Manon Knockaert is the legal partner for the WP3 dealing with the compliance of personal data processing and privacy by design systems. Manon is also involved in the « Legal Aspects and Standards in Cybersecurity » challenge, which has as its main challenge the understanding of legal norms and standards for personal data processing for researchers in the IT domain.