Sami Ben Mariem

Sami Ben Mariem is a PhD student in distributed systems and security at the University of Liège. His research primarily focuses on improving the observability of complex distributed systems. His main objective is to design methodologies and tools that enable people to recover inter-dependencies of cyber components, allowing them to better understand how these systems work and how one can optimize them. Currently, Sami is working on developing an algorithm that will determine how applicative and backbone resources in microservice-based architecture interact and how their performance impacts each other. This will be crucial for troubleshooting problems and conducting tasks such as root-cause analysis in very large infrastructure. Ultimately, his goal is to enhance the operators’ vision of their infrastructure, enabling them to optimize their corrective and preventive actions in the system.

WP2 – Détection, Réponse, Réaction: Phase Dynamique

GD04 – Sécurisation de la Digitalisation des Réseaux Énergétiques

ULIege funding

Sami tackles the issue of decentralization in popular blockchain technologies. He aims at analyzing the BTC blockchain from a network perspective and present a characterization of the nodes that are actively involved in the system.

Sami is currently working on a novel observability framework called ‘’Cyber Services Observability though Dependency graph’’ (CSoD). This framework aims at proving a comprehensive view of the system’s behavior and health to operators with higher semantics data.